Are you striving for better
health and well-being?

Feeling anxious and concerned about
not knowing what to eat
to live a healthy life?

Confused by the overwhelming
number of diet fads, trends, and
tired of following plans that don’t work?

Did you know that
there is a time-tested healing art called
that has been in existence and
practiced successfully for over 5000 years?


You would be amazed by
how empowered you feel
after taking charge of your own health.

Living Ayurveda is Easy.
I teach and help busy individuals eat and live
in ways that help them acheive the sustainable results
they have been looking for.

I am super excited at the prospect
of working with you and
showing you HOW.

I would be honored to be part of
your Ayurvedic journey into well-being

Be well, Be kind, Be love.